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Add A Music Player On Your Tumblr Blog

  1. You will need to sign up for an account on first (if you don't have one yet). Skip all the offers, you don't really need to get one.
  2. Go to create unique playlist page here. Go back to "My Account" page, scroll down then you'll see a drop-down menu under the create list part. From there, select the playlist you just created and click "set active playlist" button to make it as your default music player.

    add music on tumblog

  3. Go to "Search Music" page, then search for the music you want. To add them to your playlist, click the "+" sign.

    search for music

  4. Now, it's time to get your playlist code! Go to this page and select which kind of player you'd like. You have 2 options: classic or bar widget player. Once you're done customizing, copy the code provided on the right.

    add music on tumblog tutorial

  5. Login to your Tumblr Account >> click Customize >> Edit HTML. If it's a bar widget, add it right after the < body > code. If it's a classic player, you can add it anywhere you'd like it to be displayed, or you may simply add it on the description box.


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