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Unblock Users On Tumblr

In Tumblr, you can block or ignore users whom you think are abusive or annoying. Tumblr can also get a little harassment and spam cases from time to time, and any user can be the target. This is because everyone has the freedom to post various types of content, and since some blogs allow submissions and questions, this can open the opportunity for abusive users to attack.

However, if you wish to unblock someone on Tumblr due to the fact that you forgive the user, giving that person another chance, or blocked him or her by mistake, this article will show you how to easily unblock someone on Tumblr.

How to unblock someone on Tumblr

To unblock a user on Tumblr, follow these easy steps:

  1. First, on your Dashboard, click on the Following (number) blogs (wherein 'number' is the number of blogs you are following) to take you to the page that displays the blogs you are following.
  2. On the right side, look for "If you need to, you can ignore users." and click on that link. This will take you to the Ignore page.
  3. On the Ignore page, look for the username of the person you have blocked. On the right side of the person's name, click the "Unblock / Stop Ignoring" button and that's it! Repeat if you want to unblock other users as well.
  4. If no users have appeared on your Ignore page, try to refresh it again. You can also re-block him or her by entering the username and clicking Ignore (Block), and then unblock when his or her username appears on the Ignore page.
  5. Another way to unblock a person on Tumblr is simply by following his or her blog once again.


Blocking or ignoring users on Tumblr is a great thing, but when the mistake has happened or you want to reconcile with the person you have blocked, you can always use this tutorial to let your friend into your blog once again. Just make sure that you use the unblock feature wisely, as people may still take advantage of you, so do not be afraid to re-block someone again if it is necessary. Feel free to share this tutorial with your friends and followers whom you know has blocked some of their followers and want to reconcile with them.


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