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Easy Keyboard Shortcuts For Tumblr

Nowadays, technology is speeding up, and what better way to browse through blog sites like Tumblr by using shortcut keys for your own convenience. In this article, we are going to show you a few easy tips and tricks on Tumblr that you might not even know yet!

Keyboard shortcuts on Tumblr

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts on Tumblr for easy site navigation:

  1. J - moves down through posts on your Dashboard, navigating forward.
  2. K - moves up through posts on your Dashboard, navigating backwards.
  3. L - like the current post (while using J and K to scroll through each post on your Dashboard).
  4. N - see the notes of the current post (while using J and K to scroll).
  5. Spacebar - if you are viewing a photoset, video or any long post, use this to scroll down.
  6. Shift + R - this does a quick reblog while you are browsing with J and K, and without leaving your Dashboard.
  7. Shift + E - this puts the post to your Queue, while you are browsing with J and K.
  8. Z + Tab (pressed quickly in sequence) - similar to the Windows Alt + Tab feature. It lets you choose between posts from your blog (or blogs) and your Dashboard posts.

Other helpful shortcuts on Tumblr

While not being keyboard shortcuts, here are some nifty tips you might not know on Tumblr yet:

  1. View post date - on the Dashboard, just hover your mouse over the small fold on the top right of a post and it will show you info on the date it was posted. Clicking on it takes you to the direct link of the post right from the blog itself. This is a good tip if you want to link a specific post from your blog (or another person’s blog) to IM, e-mail and other social media websites.
  2. Quick interaction menu - also on your Dashboard, hover your mouse on another person’s avatar or icon, and you will see a square gray menu. Clicking on that gives you a menu where you can Ask, Unfollow or anything else that person has allowed to his or her blog.
  3. Quick Reblog - aside from the Shift + R shortcut key (as mentioned above), you can also press Alt + click on the reblog button on the post for a quick reblog (or cmd key + click the reblog button for Mac OS).


Easy keyboard shortcuts and Tumblr tricks are a great addition to spice up your geek life and blogging moments. Share it with your colleagues and friends!


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