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The Best Music Widgets For Your Tumblr Blog

Do you want your Tumblr blog to be much more interactive and appealing to your visitors? Then a music player widget is a good choice. By installing a free music widget on your blog with songs which you have chosen yourself, you can not only share your music tastes to your followers and visitors, but also enjoy a good sound trip while browsing your Tumblr blog.

List of Music Player Widgets

Music widgets are free and customizable, and can be found all over the World Wide Web. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best.

  1. Grooveshark

    Strictly speaking, Grooveshark is one of the top music widgets for Tumblr out there. It has an 'endless playlist' feature for your listening pleasure, plus thousands or even millions of songs from different artists from all over the world, categorized by genre as well. You can also change the music player's color and size, and much more.

  2. Hypster

    Hypster is also a free music widget provider among Tumblr users. It has sleek player designs and thousands of songs to choose from as well. You can even add from YouTube if you wish. However, you have to register an account first before you can embed a code to your Tumblr blog.

  3. StreamPAD

    It can also play music, but not host songs. Instead, StreamPAD grabs songs that you have uploaded to your Tumblr blog and plays them chronologically.

  4. Billy Music Player

    For minimalist Tumblr users, this player is a great choice. It makes use of Dropbox where you can upload songs from your computer to play on this small but powerful music widget. Take note that it is also customizable so it could match your current theme.

  5. SCM Music Player

    SCM is yet another famous music widget on Tumblr due to its small and convenient design. You can freely choose from different colors. It can also import songs from YouTube (like Hypster) so that if the artist you are looking for isn't there, you can search for a YouTube video/song to add to the playlist.


    Unlike many other music widgets, FLASHWIDGETZ lets you choose 'unique' player designs, such as Hello Kitty, iPhone, iPod and even Sudoku! Although, it does have formal (sleek) music widget designs, too. However, there can be times when you search for a song and it is not available or a broken link occurs.

  7. BeeMp3

    Yes, did you know that this Mp3 hosting site can also allow you to embed players for your Tumblr? If you search for a song, album or artist, you can copy-paste the embed code on its page to your Tumblr theme. However, the disadvantage is that unlike other players, only one song is allowed when you embed it to Tumblr.


To insert the embedding code, simply do one of the following (remember to backup your Tumblr HTML on a text editor first before copy-pasting the code there, in case something goes wrong):

  1. Go to Settings > (your blog) > Customize > Edit HTML and copy-paste it to wherever the music widget provider tells you to (e.g. below the tags or above the <head> tag).
  2. If you want to insert it to your sidebar, look for the <section id="side"> code on your Tumblr HTML (use CTRL+F to find it easily) and paste the code inside it.


Music player widgets are always a great addition to any Tumblr blog, and it makes it much more attractive. And with the long list of great and free and customizable music widgets you can add to your blog, it gets even easier.


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