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Is There A Tumblr Post Limit And What Is It?

Launched in 2007, Tumblr is the most popular micro-blogging site in the World Wide Web today. It boasts of over a hundred million blogs and over a fifty billion posts. That is quite a number if you try to imagine it and the number grows each passing day.

As great as Tumblr sounds, it has its limits and boundaries just like any other free services found in the Internet. If you try to look at some forums in Tumblr, one of the most common outcries that you may encounter is the Tumblr Post limits.

Tumblr post limit

Most Tumblr citizens are obviously frustrated and annoyed with this limit because they cannot do as much blogging or post as they want.

Though I am perfectly fine with this Tumblr policy, some people just love to re-blog, post pictures, post a question, and others in a very large number; thus reaching the Tumblr Post limit.

According to Tumblr, the post limit will prevent spammers from posting too many posts. But of course, this also applies not only to spammers but also to good citizens of Tumblr who really just want to speak their mind and express their selves.

What is the Tumblr post limit per day?

Obviously, there is a post limit in Tumblr. But the question is how many posts can you do per day? This is a controversial question. I tried to find the answer from Tumblr and see what the official post limit is but I failed as there is no way to reach them. I finally found the answer from Tumblr community.

The Tumblr post limit is 250 posts per day. This includes posting a question, photos, re-blogs, feed imports, and any other types of posts. Once you reach the post limit, you will not be able to post another one until the next day.

Though the Tumblr post is 250 posts per day, asking a question has a different story. Accordingly, you can post a question in Tumblr in a rate of 10 questions per hour.

Sounds frustrating, right? When you reach the dreaded post count, a message will fly to your screen which reads, "Whoa There! Please wait an hour before asking any more questions." Some people actually find a way to get around this Tumblr policy though and how exactly to do this is posted in the web. You can search it yourself.

Furthermore, you can only post 100 text posts and 75 photo posts per day. This rule has been one of the most common issues discussed in Tumblr and there are many petitions and concerted efforts that ask Tumblr to remove the post limit.

Opposition to Tumblr post limit

Though many people strongly opposed Tumblr post limit, Tumblr is also firm to their stand to retain the post limit as this is the only way to control the environment.

They believe once post limit is lifted, many spammers will proliferate and they will surely be more annoying and destructive than the post limit itself.

How to track posts already made?

One problem with post limit is that you might have a hard time tracking how many posts you have made for the day. This can be a headache as no one really does the math and if they did, Tumblr might have different way of counting.

Of course you can always do manual counting but there is big chance that you will lose count. As this might be the case, you should use free post limit tracker or checker in the web so that you can be updated with the number of posts you made.

Final words

In my personal opinion, Tumblr has a good reason to put a limit to posts (no offense to die hard anti-post limit). A blogging site without a rule will surely become chaotic. The post limit is there for a good purpose and it serves the purpose very well.

Instead of complaining about the post limit, you can look at post limit as a way to help you post quality contents and be selective on what you post. This way, you will gain more out of Tumblr.

Yes, I also understand the sentiments of those anti-post-limit people. It is true that it kind of suppressing our freedom of speech. But remember, too much of everything might be bad to you. So just remember to taper down too much post.

This is a controversial topic. Are you for or against Tumblr post limit? Speak your mind by commenting below.


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