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How To Add Music That Autoplays On Your Tumblr Blog

Since Tumblr is a customizable blog where you can add almost any content you like, did you know that you can add music that will automatically play when a user visits your blog? Yes, that's right, and in this article, we will show you how to do that by using external and customizable players.

Registering on Hypster is a free site where you can embed customizable widget players for your Tumblr blog. There are many choices of players and songs from Hypster's database (as it also grabs from YouTube) and you can set them to be playable on your Tumblr blog. Simply register on the website for an account.

  1. Create a playlist

    On the Hypster page, go to the Create tab and click Create Playlist. Select Add new playlist and name it. To add songs, just click Add New Song. It will take you to a search box to enter your favorite song, artist or album. If you can't find it, you can manually enter the YouTube video ID (e.g. W9238GA_itc) located at the end of the video URL and enter it on the search box. Click Add to Playlist and it will take you to a pop-up window for you to confirm if you want to add it to the playlist.

  2. Create a player

    Once you have created your playlist and added tracks to it, simply create a player. Go to the Create tab and click Create Player. Choose from a wide variety of music players. If you prefer the small player that can be seen below your blog or theme, choose the Bar Player. Enter a name for your player and choose a playlist that will play on the player. Check Autostart if you want it to play automatically and Shuffle Playback if you want the player to shuffle songs (play songs at random order). Click on Get Code to get your embedding code.

  3. Pasting / installing to Tumblr theme

    The method below makes use of editing HTML and script codes, so be very careful when trying to follow them. To avoid getting your Tumblr theme messed up when trying to get the infinite scroll code to work, always make a backup of your HTML code and paste it into Notepad or any text editor before you make changes on the code.

    To install the widget to your Tumblr theme, go to Settings (gear icon) on your Dashboard, click on the blog that you wish to edit, and click Customize below the theme. While still on the Customize Theme page, click on the Edit HTML button on the top, just below the theme name. Scroll down to the very bottom and find the closing tag. Insert the Hypster embedding code between that tag and the closing tag. Save afterwards and check if the Hypster player is working on your Tumblr theme. If not, try choosing another type of player.


Adding a player that automatically plays music on your Tumblr is a good way of attracting visitors with your media content, especially if you want to share your favorite music or even your original compositions (if you uploaded them to YouTube).


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