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Fix The "error Uploading Photo" When Uploading To Tumblr

Tumblr allows a variety of image formats which you can upload to its photo uploading / posting service, namely JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG. But what if you are uploading a photo (especially an animated GIF) and you get the message "Error Uploading Photo"? Well, don't worry, because in this article, we will give you quick and easy solutions to that.

GIF Requirements

First of all, check if your GIF file or files meet these requirements: check your GIF file's size. Make sure it is not above 1MB. Check the dimensions as well – make sure it does not exceed 500px in width and 750px in height. These requirements must be met if you want to upload your GIF to Tumblr otherwise you will get an error. But if you really want to post the photo or photos on Tumblr, you can choose to upload them in an external photo hosting site like Photobucket, select the URL link on the bottom left (when you make a Tumblr photo post) and simply paste the URL of the photo.

Adjusting your GIF colors

Sometimes, adjusting the color scheme and color mode of your GIF file can help fix the error. Here are bunches of ways that can help you out. You can use an image editor program such as Adobe Photoshop to do this.

  1. Change color mode

    First, try to fix the mode. When you open your file in Photoshop, go to Image > Mode > and select RGB color instead of CMYK color. This is because Tumblr does not accept CMYK images for some reason, and you would have to switch it to RGB mode, save it and re-upload it.

  2. Remove cyan / magenta

    In this case, maybe your image has a lot of either cyan or magenta. To do this, create a new layer above your image, use either light pink (#FFD7F1) or light blue (#C1EDFF) as the fill color depending on the image colorization, and set the layer to multiply (feel free to lessen the opacity as well if you feel like it). Choose the light pink color if your image has a lot of cyan, and light blue if your image has a lot of magenta. This is to neutralize either cyan or magenta to balance it for Tumblr.

  3. Adjust vibrancy and saturation

    You can also adjust the vibrancy and saturation of the image. Just go to Adjustments > Vibrance and adjust as needed so that your image will be less saturated (meaning less color). It might lose some image quality but it can work. Just try not to take away all of the image's saturation.

  4. Color adjustments

    You can also use the color balance to help you take out the cyan / magenta or saturation. Hit CTRL+B on your keyboard to open the color balance, and adjust as needed.


Uploading animated GIF files on Tumblr is a fun way to share your creativity, but if you encounter the above mentioned problems, then feel free to try these solutions that we have given you.


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