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Determining The Best Time To Post In Tumblr

Now that you have the best content you ever made in your life and you just finished it at 1 o'clock in the morning. You posted it in Tumblr and hoping by the time you wake up, it has already gathered many comments. But you are unpleasantly surprised when you found out that only a handful of people commented! You are disappointed and really frustrated. You started to wonder, why?

I have one advice for you my friend; it's all about "TIMING". That's right. There are some points in time during the day and night that will enable your posts to have more activities compared to other times of the day. This is exactly what I am going to discuss here with my blog; to tell you what the best time is to create a post in Tumblr.

The best time to post

It is a complicated issue to really determine the exact time where your posts will have greater impressions. But generally, you should post on Tumblr between 1 pm to 3 pm or 7pm to 10 pm, especially on weekdays except Friday where people have different activities on that day compared to the rest of the days of the week. In addition to this, during Saturday and Sunday where people have varying activities, there is really no definite time to make a post but still the 1pm-3pm rule can still be applied.

The worst time to post

On the flip side, you should avoid posting after 3:00 pm on Friday as most people will choose this time going out with their friends and doing something else aside from checking their Tumblr. Avoid posting during sleeping time for obvious reasons. No one can sleep while using their computer at the same time. Another worst time to post is when people are getting ready for work and school which is during early morning.

Different factors to consider

There are different factors you must consider when determining which time of the day will be the best time to post in Tumblr. It all boils down to your target audience.

If you intend to send your message to students, then it is best to post during off-schedule where they will have the time to check out their Tumblr. During lunch break can be a great pick.

The right time to post may also be affected by the events surrounding that day. For example, people might be away from their computers during major sports events such as NBA finals. Thus, it will be better to post content after the game has ended. Holidays may also affect your decision.

Though it is estimated that posting during 1pm and 3 pm is seen effective in Tumblr, the same thing is advised for Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. But Tumblr and Facebook are very different. People check Facebook in terms of quantity rather than quality. This means that they check their account to be updated without the intention to really get deeper. On the other hand, Tumblr users are more intent to stay on their account, thus Tumblr is a more engaging platform compared to other social networking sites.

Furthermore, you must save your best content during the best time of the day and during the weekends where most people will have more extra time to explore Tumblr.

Why this is important?

Obviously, posting at the right time is very important. It is really useless to post something that no one or only little number of people will actually read your post. In addition to this, when people do a keyword search in Tumblr, the search engine will present the most recent and valid content. So your content must be a recent post to end up at the first page of search engine pages.

One good advice before closing this blog; it will be helpful if you do multiple posts but not in the extent of becoming a spammer. 1 to 3 times will be enough and make sure you distribute the time of posting evenly. This will accommodate the different time zones we are in.

Of course, posting your blog in the right time will not give you a hundred percent guarantee that it will be patronized by the thousands. But at least, right timing can be an additional tool to boost the readership of your Tumblr post. Make sure then that you perform other marketing strategies with the right timing to maximize the exposure of your content.

You may have some ideas in mind. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


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