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Awesome And Helpful Tips On How To Choose A Great Tumblr Name

Are you using Tumblr? Well, if yes, there is one thing that you need to achieve to better use this social networking platform; that is having a good Tumblr name. You see, Tumblr best works when you have a good name that is easy to remember and yet relevant to people's need. The need for a good Tumblr name is very crucial and it should be your first priority when creating your Tumblr website. Let's just say, it is the foundation for better following in the future and even the representative of your blog.

Though it is very easy to recognize the essentiality of a good Tumblr name, it is really hard to come up with one of it. Why? Because there are practically many factors to consider and most of the Tumblr names are already taken by other users in some cases.

I have been through with looking for the right Tumblr name and I can relate if you are having a hard time pulling a name together. For this reason, I seek to give you some tips on how to come up with a good Tumblr name. Follow these tips and you will have a higher chance of success in using Tumblr.

General objective in choosing a Tumblr name

There are a few things you need to remember. First, you must make your Tumblr name or URL as memorable as possible. Do not use unfamiliar or mysterious words. It must be simple and easy to stick in their mind. A memorable Tumblr name is something that they can easily retain from their memory in such a way when they type your URL; they need not to think hard what your Tumblr name is. In addition to this, it will be helpful if you only choose one or two words combined.


Keyword is something that people use when they use a search engine. Thus, your Tumblr should have a URL that is descriptive of what your website is all about. By looking at your Tumblr name, people should already know what your website is all about. Your Tumblr blogs will be more visible in search engine if the keyword people use is identical with your URL.

Decide what your Tumblr site will be all about. What niche or industry are you writing for? Answering this question will help you come up with a better Tumblr name. For example, if most of your blogs are about cars, then it will be good to choose "knowyourcar" versus "carfabulous" or something.

Personalize and fun

Humor is very useful when coming up with a Tumblr name. They are easy to remember and inspire people to talk about you. When you catch people's attention with funny URL, they will most likely visit and revisit your site. Therefore, when you combine keywords and witty personalization, you will come up with the best Tumblr name ever. Of course, doing this can be a little tricky but make a few searches in Tumblr and be inspired with the different Tumblr name out there.

Unique name

Copying people's Tumblr name can be a bad idea. Aside from lacking the originality, people might confuse your blog with other people's blog which is something you want to prevent. Unique names have better chance of survival in the Tumblr arena.


Using readable words will help people to remember your site easily. Using codes or numbers in your URL might not be a good idea because people tend to forget. One particular URL I stumbled upon is "oceancity0530". I will assume that the numbers represent his or her birth date. This is memorable to the owner of the website but not with the internet users.

Ask for suggestion

It will never hurt to ask your friends for any suggestion. Two heads are better than one as they say. After getting a Tumblr idea, ask your friends to rate or comment about it. You will be surprise how they can help you.

Some Tumblr name ideas

Sometimes, it is difficult to find something that will spark an idea. So I will be giving you some ideas that will inspire you.

You can choose a title of a book and combine that in your niche. At this point, it is important you choose a popular book. For example is "A Purpose Driven Car".

Another suggestion is use a song title for a poetic touch. For example are TheImpossibleDreamBlog or ShopOfTheWorld (inspired by "Top of the World" by The Carpenters). Maybe there is a hit music title today that you can use but I will still go for song titles that are old which many people already know.

Another is to take an adjective and put your name at the end such as TheAwesomeClosetofJake. Describing your self can also serve as good Tumblr name. For example are TallDarkAndNotSoHandsomeGuy, LongHairWithGlasses, and FatAndRoundGirl.

It is worth noting that Tumblr will enable you to change your URL or Tumblr name. But it will not help if you constantly or even change your name two to three times. Those people who followed you or had already interacted with you might not recognize you anymore. Though you can use an automated redirect from your old Tumblr site, people might still be impatience. Thus, choose a good Tumblr name when you are still starting and eventually build on that name.

When torn between long and short Tumblr name, you must weigh each side of the coin. Indeed, it is true that long Tumblr name is better and easier to remember but it poorly performs when it comes to search engines. So I suggest that you come up with the shortest Tumblr name possible but still not losing its flavor.

These are some of the tips that you can use when coming up with a Tumblr name. Sounds great, right? I am sure that you have thought of something while reading this post; so be sure to share it with us. Or maybe you have other tips or ideas, please take time to write it down in our comment box.


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