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Set A Custom Background Image For Your Tumblr Blog

Tumblr blogs are known for their easy and user-friendly interface, and the fact that they can be customizable to the user's liking; especially that it lets bloggers to choose their own theme and customize it. But what if you chose a theme and want to customize the background image to your preference? In this article, we are going to show you how to change your background image to a picture that you like.

Method #1: If your theme has the "Change Background" option..

If your theme has the option to change the background, follow these steps:

  1. To do this, first go to Settings (gear icon) on your Dashboard. Access Settings Page
  2. Click on the blog that you wish to edit. Your blogs are available at the left sidebar of the settings page. Select a blog that you wish to edit
  3. Find the Customize Button, it's next to the theme label. Select Customize button
  4. If your theme has the option to change the background, it should appear somewhere in the left side when you customize your theme.
  5. Simply click the Upload next to the Background option and choose an image from your computer. The recommended size is 1600px in width and 700px in height, but it depends on your screen resolution. Upload Tumblr Background

Method #2: No "Change Background" option

If your theme does not support changing the background image, here is an alternative.

  1. While still on the Customize Theme page, click on the Edit HTML button on the top, just below the theme name. Edit HTML
  2. Look for a "background-image: url()" section on the code (it lies inside the "body{}" tag).
  3. You should be able to see a background URL in it. Just replace that URL with the URL of your new background image, uploaded in an external photo hosting site such as Photobucket, or your own website.

Advantage of customizing the background image

Setting your own background image makes your blog much more personalized and it helps Tumblr users clearly identify your blog from the rest, especially if your blog has a similar theme to other users.

Notes about adding a background image

Since everyone is free to use any image for a background, keep in mind that you should be responsible in the image that you set. Make sure that it is not offensive and it does not violate Tumblr's Terms of Service. It is also recommended to have a background image that does not have too much contrast so that your users will not be distracted when browsing through your posts. Sometimes, a subtle pattern is enough.


Adding a background image to your Tumblr blog can be rewarding and it can add to the appeal of your personal or group blog, so why not give it a shot?


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