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Connecting Your Tumblr Blog To Your Twitter Account


Twitter is by far one of the most successful social media sites in the world today due to its snappy layout and quick 144-character publishing of social updates called "tweets". If you have a Tumblr account and want to share your stuff with your Twitter account as well, here is a short tutorial on how to do just that.

Adding Tumblr to your Twitter account

To integrate posts between your Tumblr and Twitter accounts, go to Settings (gear icon) on top of your Dashboard, select a blog you would like to auto-publish or auto-share to Twitter, and go to the Twitter section. Check the "Share posts on your Twitter" option and then click the "Sign in with Twitter" link. Fill up your account details and click "Log in with Twitter" afterwards to connect your account on Twitter with your Tumblr blog. Hit Save on the settings to apply the changes.

Manually sharing posts to Twitter

You can also choose which post to share manually after you have connected your Twitter and Tumblr accounts. To do this, simply uncheck the "Share posts on your Twitter" option and then click Save. When you make a new post, just click on the Twitter icon below to share the specific post to Twitter. This helps you control your privacy much better, especially if you have followers on Twitter who are not into your Tumblr posts.

Notes about posting to Twitter

As of this article you cannot control preview image and such when you post to your Twitter account. Also, be wary that Twitter can have network issues and your post may be delayed, so be sure to try to refresh your feed from time to time.

If you are having trouble connecting your Tumblr to Twitter, you can also manually remove your Twitter settings, check the applications and click Revoke Access for Tumblr and then re-enable it just like above.


Sharing your posts to Twitter is a good way to advertise your blog on Tumblr, but also be wary that if you post content that your followers on Twitter do not like to see, it could lead you to trouble, so be sure to post responsibly to avoid any trouble. You can also choose to disable the connection with your Twitter account anytime if you feel that you want to keep your blog posts private.


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