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Using A Custom Domain Name On Tumblr


Do you ever want to have your own personalized domain name (i.e. instead of the usual Tumblr domain name? Now you can. In this tutorial, we will show you how to easily set up your own domain name.

Finding and setting up a domain name

First and foremost, search for a domain registrar. This means you will have to register your own domain name to a domain registrar, with the usual fee of $10 per year or more.

Another way is to look for a domain that is available for you to use. Instant Domain Search ( and Domainr ( are good sites for you to look for domain names that are available for use (which have the same price bracket as above).

Simply follow the steps on your chosen domain registrar or domain search and take note of the important details, so that you won't have problems when testing your domain.

The usual way of setting up Tumblr in your domain settings

Here is a common way of setting up your domain to Tumblr, regardless of which domain registrar you registered to. First, go to your admin page and look for something like Manage Domain or Domain Settings. Look for the DNS settings and search for the IP Address settings. Enter the IP address of Tumblr ( and save the changes.

Note about domain names

Your domain name could come in either one of the two: a domain name on two levels (i.e. or a subdomain on three levels (i.e. Choose whichever option you would like on your domain registrar.

When you have successfully done the settings above, you should see an error page that says "We couldn't find the page you are looking for" when you go to your URL (domain name) and that is normal because this means that Tumblr and your domain name are now connected, but it has not been configured on your blog.

Note about domain name setup

In general, it takes about 72 hours for your domain configurations to work, so don't be surprised if it still doesn't point to Tumblr yet. Be patient.

Setting up and testing the domain on Tumblr

Now that you have your own domain name, it's time to set things up on your Tumblr account. Go to Settings (gear icon) above your Dashboard and choose which blog you would like to use your custom domain name on.

Look for the "Use a custom domain name" option and check the box next to it. Enter your custom domain name or subdomain name. After this, simply click Test your domain to see if it works. If it doesn't work, double-check the spellings and your configurations with your domain settings, as provided by the domain registrar.

When everything finally works, just click Save.

Note about changes in your domain name

When you have successfully set up your custom domain for your Tumblr blog, it does not basically mean that your old Tumblr address or URL will not work anymore. When people visit your old Tumblr URL, they will simply be redirected. However, it is still a good idea to let people know that you have a new custom domain for them to easily remember.


Setting up a custom domain name can help you promote your content or business easier, and makes your blog much more personalized. However, since domain names cost money and are not free, you should at least make the most of using your domain name to good, such as setting up an online business to cope up with the expenses of renewing your domain name every year.


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