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What Is Tumblr Queue And How Does It Work?


A Queue on Tumblr is a set of posts that you would like to be automatically posted in a given interval on your settings for a period of time every day (as long as you have queued content, that is). It is a fun way to help keep your blog very active so that users will always have new posts every day. In this article, we are going to take a look at how to set up a Queue on Tumblr.

Adding a post to your Queue

First, create a new post. It can be a Text post, Photo post, or anything else you can come up with. Now, hover your mouse to the drop-down arrow next to the Publish Post button and click it. You will see a bunch of settings that you can do with your post, such as "Save as Draft" and "Private". Select "Add to Queue" and then hit the "Queue Post" button.

Accessing your queued posts

To access your queued posts, go to Queue on the right side of your Dashboard. For users with multiple blogs, choose your blog first on the list above it and then select Queue.

Setting the post interval for your Queue

To set up the automatic posting interval for your Queued posts, go to Settings (gear icon) on top of your Dashboard and look for the blog that you want to update. Find the Queue section and set up your personal preferences, such as number of posts you would like to automatically be published per day and the hour bracket in which you want the Queue to automatically start posting. Click Save to accept the changes.

Notes about the Queue feature

Here are some important things about the Queue feature on Tumblr. First and foremost, the Queue is a non-stop feature, meaning that it runs all day and that there is no way to pause it. This is why you should double-check your posts already as soon as you put them into your Queue to avoid publishing problems, errors and corrections.

Your Queue can only post 50 times per day automatically as a maximum number. Also, your Queue can only hold 300 posts, so if you want to add more than that, keep them in the Drafts for the meantime until you have free space on your Queue.

Advantage and disadvantages of the Queue system

The advantage is quite simple - it lets your blog be very active even if you are quite busy with other sites, work or school. It simply takes care of your blog's reputation by posting an ample amount of content per day, at a given time period. Followers on Tumblr do not want an outdated blog, so keeping a blog updated every day is a good practice to keep followers there.

The disadvantage, however, is that people might feel spammed with posts each day and the seemingly-robotic or automated way of posting makes it a little unnatural and followers will no longer be surprised that you will post at a certain period of time during the day. In this case, manual posting is still a good idea to keep the 'surprise' feeling to your blog.


Whether you use it or not, the Queue feature on Tumblr is a great and fun way to keep your blog in shape and to keep it from being outdated.


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