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Uploading Music Or Audio Clips On Tumblr


In Tumblr, you can post different kinds of media or content, and one of them is an audio post. Using this type of post, you can share songs, audio or voice clips, or short demo tracks to your friends and followers. Here are some quick ways to get your music to Tumblr.

Basic audio uploading

Choosing the audio post

Go the top of your Dashboard and select the Audio post, which will take you to a pop-up window to upload your music. Select the Upload tab.

Choose and upload your audio file

Click on the "choose file" icon and browse your computer for your audio file. It must be in MP3 format and should not exceed 10 MB. After that, simply wait for your video to upload using the progress bar to track it, much like in most audio-sharing sites like SoundCloud.

Add the description for your audio

Even when your audio is still uploading, you can already add a text caption or description - it could be the credits on who worked on the song or audio clip, to whom do you dedicate it to, or any other miscellaneous information that you want to include. Add tags that are relevant to your audio so that it will be seen by much more people when they search for tagged posts.

Set the privacy settings

You can also set the audio to draft, queue or private by using the drop-down button next to the Publish button. This is handy when you are still unsure about your audio post.

Publish the video

Once everything is in right place and your audio is done uploading, check on the "I have permission to let Tumblr use this under the Terms of Service" at the bottom of the window (to confirm that you abide the copyright rules regarding uploading audio or music. All that's left to do is to hit the Publish button (or whatever action you chose it on the privacy settings).

Important notes and copyright warnings

One very important thing to remember when uploading is this: DO NOT upload content that is not yours (e.g. full songs from other artists) without their permission or your post can be deleted by the Tumblr staff without prior notice, as it violates the Terms of Service. Only upload when you are completely sure that you have the necessary rights to the audio or voice clip.

Another thing about audio uploading in Tumblr is that you are only allowed to upload one song per day, so you will have to wait 24 hours to post another one. If you really want to post a lot of songs, a good suggestion would be SoundCloud or your own personal blog or website, since SoundCloud has its storage limits.

Using the Search feature

You can also look for an audio file or song to post by using the Search feature when making an audio post. Go to the Search tab, enter a title of a song, and it automatically searches for songs on various audio sites like SoundCloud or Spotify with that title, so you can select which one you want to post. Add captions and tags like when you upload an audio files and that's it!

Using an External URL

If you want to share a song from SoundCloud or other audio-sharing sites, you can use this feature. Simply click the External URL tag, copy the URL of your chosen audio or song and paste it onto the URL box. Add a description if you like and publish it like the ones above.

This is a great feature if you want to share a song from another artist so badly but don't want to have copyright trouble.


Sharing audio on Tumblr is a great thing especially, if you're a musician who wants to promote songs, demos and other creations to people.


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