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How To Make Another Blog On The Same Tumblr Account?

Now before moving into the depth of the topic, you definitely need to know about the blog management rules of Tumblr first. If needed, you may even consult directly from the following link:

So now that you are here, you are either definitely knowledgeable on the fact that opening up another blog from the same Tumblr account is very much possible or maybe you are just considering the possibility. However, you must know that in such cases, the main blog that you had created will be termed as the Primary blog and the other new blogs from the same account will be called the Secondary blogs; which you can actually open up at a rate of 10 blogs/day!

Therefore no wonder that while Tumblr is getting the attention of the netizens with more than 13 billion global page views generated on April 2013, there is no harm in creating some more blogs and showing up your talents. If you're not aware of this Tumblr feature, I know how to help you out.

How to Make Another Blog on Tumblr

  1. Log on to your Tumblr account and click on to the arrow sign or plus sign inside a circle on the rightmost corner of your blog's dashboard, which is also known as your 'New Blog' button. You will be immediately taken a new page titled 'Create a new blog'.
  2. One the new page, a few blank fields needs to be filled up accordingly. Notice that the window will bear a special notice, telling you that the new blog will have special features including one that will allow you to manage the blog by authorizing multiple writers. The same page will also ask for 'Password' for the privacy of the blog.
  3. Now once you have filled up all the blank fields on the page, tap on the little button on the bottom-left hand corner marked with a 'Create blog'.

Now there, you have just created a new blog from your same Tumblr account. Do not forget to mark the 'Change' on your dashboard where the 'plus sign in a circle' has been replaced by a sign of a 'Vertical List'.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Next time when you want to post something on your Tumblr account, the 'Post to' field will show all your other blogs on the drop-down menu so you can choose where you would like to post.
  2. Your new blog will also come with the same features like password protection, multiple author managing ability, and easy customization. But you need to know that the newly-created blog, even when your first account has a million of followers, will only have 0 followers in the beginning.

Now, isn't that easy? So simply set out with new blogs and explore your limits...


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