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How To Add Tumblr Theme Code?

We know blogging is fun. This is one way where you can speak your heart out and find out that there are so many people with the same interest as you. Here, you can be an inspiration followed by millions, or you may be an inspiration-seeker who just needs some photos or quotes to boost your self-esteem. With Tumblr, you can stumble upon so many new experiences - from discovering your inner capacity to sharing, to spread a word across the world without any borders, or within a private group of followers, Tumblr can give you the feel that. Yes, it can.

Now getting a Tumblr account is easy but to keep it flooded with traffic, you need to show it some love. Don't just let your blog hide its face behind others; rather pick up a beautiful theme code that suits you and let's start dressing up the blog. Just follow the simple steps below and enjoy the result.

How to install Tumblr theme code:

  1. Once you are signed in to Tumblr, immediately click on to the title of your blog which can be found on the top, right next to your account 'Dashboard' link.
  2. Now as you navigate to your blog's dashboard, tap on 'Customize appearance' from the top of your bar, on the right side so you can get an access to the customizations page. Or simply click on this link:, it will directly take you to the said page.
  3. On the newly opened page, click on the 'Edit HTML' button. This will help you pull out the current theme of your blog.
  4. When you get on the 'Appearance' page, select all the codes you find by clicking 'Ctrl + A' on the keyboard. Now you can delete everything you selected, so the field will only be empty and grey.
  5. Download a suitable theme code for your blog by choosing it from the 'Theme Page' Download Theme menu. You can unzip the downloaded them and copy the whole code to the empty grey 'HTML' field mentioned on step 4.
  6. After that, click on the 'Update Preview' green button on the top get the new code pasted, and then click 'Appearance'. This will hide the HTML box.
  7. Click 'Save' to keep all the changes you have done, and then the page will reload instantly. This will help Tumblr get along with the newly-built theme page and exhibit the codes properly.

Other things you need to know:

  1. Once the new theme gets installed, you can now play around your account with more colors, body background images, texts, links, etc. to beautify your Tumblr page even more.

Well now that you know how to do the trick of changing the look of your blog within a few minutes, enjoy your Tumblr and go on astonishing your followers with the flurry of activities in your blog.


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