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How To Use Music In Your Tumblr

Among the many options now available to Tumblr is the option to add music. This feature also allows for customizations like setting a song on loop and at a certain decibel. There's no question that this feature is powerful, but music playing in the background can be a good thing, or a bad thing. If you want to make sure that you do things right, consider these guidelines:

1. It's not smart to get any background song to automatically play.

When a song plays automatically in Tumblr, it's just plain annoying, especially if it's a loud and blaring rock song, or what have you. It's a good thing for visitors to see that you've made the option to have a background song play as they view your page, but springing any song on them is just not smart. It's even worse when the song plays while they're listening to their own mp3's. With a song on autoplay in your Tumblr, there's a high chance that anyone visiting your page will get so irritated he or she will just leave your page as soon as possible.

But if you really want to have a song auto-playing in your Tumblr, then at least see to it that your theme has infinite scrolling. With this option, a song basically will not be on "repeat", and the whole experience of visiting your Tumblr will not likely be as annoying. Some music players can also be set to play at minimum volume. This is a good option to consider.

2. Don't use an mp3 player that will take up a big chunk of your Tumblr.

This is probably common sense, but it needs to be said. The only types of Tumblr pages that really have the license to use clunky music players are those that are made specifically for music. Visually, a music player playing one song or a couple should be nearly unseen. This way, it won't get any attention - because it doesn't need to.

3. Keep the volume down.

One of the most annoying uses of music in any social network is music playing at top volume. This can embarrass a person browsing your Tumblr at some cafe or library. And god forbid the background music you have playing in your Tumblr is so loud it wakes up the person's roommates or parents.

So there you have it. The smart way of playing Tumblr music is to tweak the settings so the music plays in a way that's not annoying or intrusive. By setting things correctly in your Tumblr, you're also likely to get more subscribers and followers. Just bear the above guidelines in mind.


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