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Make A Backup Of Your Blog In Tumblr

There is now a Theme Recovery feature available to Tumblr users, but the problem with this feature is that it's incomplete. In using the function, you still won't be able to transfer your Tumblr to a different location. The feature also lacks support for easily importing posts from any of your other blogs.

If you have this problem, the best thing to do is make a backup of your blog on Tumblr. This is also particularly useful if you think there's a chance that your blog could get banned from the social network and microblogging site. Below are two ways to make a backup of your Tumblr blog:

If your operating system is Windows and you use a PC or a laptop, you can use a web app made specifically for backing up your Tumblr blog, called Backup Jammy. This easy to use app can work on any operating system. Follow the steps below:

  1. Click here to visit the Backup Jammy website.
  2. Type in your subdomain name in Tumblr.
  3. Specify which pages you want the app to save to your local drive.
  4. For "Type to fetch", make sure you choose the radio button "All", if you want Backup Jammy to save your images, audio and videos, including songs and chat history.

*With the new and improved Backup Jammy, you also have the option to only download a specific type of data from your Tumblr blog (text, links, quotes, photos, chat history, videos, or songs). Codes are also saved by the web app, so you won't need to reinstall or rewrite any code. If there's any downside to the app at all, it's that you won't be able to re-upload the whole thing in one go. This process is manually done.

Naturally, if there are thousands upon thousands of posts in your Tumblr blog, the process could take some time to finish. Either way, it's important that you don't leave the page until the it's done loading. You will be able to by scrolling down. You should find new data there.

Once the process is finished, right-click anywhere on the site and select the option "Save Page As". Provide a name for the collection, and your Tumblr blog is finally saved to your local drive.

If you're on a MAC (Powerbook, Macbook Air, or other) and wish to back up your Tumblr blog, you will need to use this program. Just download and save it to your local hard drive, and then run the program. Specify your Tumblr name/URL. The program will walk you through the process, and you will be given the option to save the html file to your MAC.


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