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Changing Your Username On Pinterest

Pinterest offers a lot of features and options for their users to customize. Aside from allowing you to share and pin photos, the popular photo-sharing social network also enables changing your username on Pinterest. In this way, you can correct misspelled words or change unwanted usernames without a hassle. Furthermore, changing your old username to your preferred one will help you memorize your username every time you log in to Pinterest.

Unlike Facebook, Pinterest allows you to change your Pinterest username as many times as you want. There is no maximum limit in changing your username on Pinterest, which can be pretty awesome since most social media users tend to update their usernames in relevance with the latest trends and fads.

However, although changing your username on Pinterest has no maximum limit, there is a catch in terms of the username length. Username on Pinterest can only reach up to 15 characters in length, and with a minimum of 3 characters. This obliges you to come up with a creative username that will fit the said rule.

Instructions In Changing Your Username On Pinterest

Here are the steps in changing your username on Pinterest:

  1. Log in to your account on Pinterest.
  2. Click your name at the top-right corner of the page.
  3. On the drop-down list, choose Your Boards.
  4. Click the icon represented by a pencil below your name.
  5. Key in your new username in the field provided on the pop up box.
  6. Save the changes you made by clicking the Save Profile button.
  7. You will receive an email notification to confirm the username change.

Changing your username on Pinterest will also alter your profile’s address or URL. Even so, changing your username does not affect your boards, pins, followers, and other settings. In some cases, changing your username on Pinterest can bother you a little because of other identical usernames. When this happens, you can simply add numbers to your username in order to make it quite original.


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