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Reporting A Person On Pinterest

Reporting pins on Pinterest had always been available to neutralize the contents or photos posted on the social network. Although this might sound enough, Pinterest developers still launched additional blocking and reporting of user functions to promote the positivity and morality of the site further. Developers believe that reporting a person on Pinterest will encourage the participation of the user in keeping their site clean from offensive digital materials.

Pinterest have always been conscious of the pins that their users upload on their platform. With the reporting and blocking feature activated on their platform, Pinterest developers hope that this will significantly improve the photo-sharing experience that they provide to their users.

Reporting Pinners

Reporting a person on Pinterest is different from blocking the user. In blocking a person, Pinterest will only disable the interaction between you and the other user to prevent any harassments or rude treatments on the Pinterest platform. This is very different with the reporting feature since the Pinterest team will review the accused account before making a quick decision or response.

It is advisable to report specific pins rather than reporting the entire profile. However, if you think that the profile possesses too much unsuitable contents, reporting a person on Pinterest is strongly suggested.

3 Steps To Report A Person On Pinterest

To provide further knowledge about the reporting function on Pinterest, the following are the steps in reporting a person on Pinterest.

  1. Initially, you must head out to the profile of the user that you want to report.
  2. Click on the "Flag" icon next to the profile info to access a drop-down list of menus.
  3. Lastly, select a reason for reporting the user.

In reporting a person on Pinterest, the Pinterest's Community Team will examine the reported account for malicious pins or contents. In this way, Pinterest will be able to review first the account before making final judgments, which includes banning the account.


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