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Adding A Pin From A Website

Have you ever wondered the possibility of collecting and organizing amazing images you found online in a scrapbook style? The good news is Pinterest allows you to do that. By adding the image or pinning it on Pinterest, you can share and give high exposure to the image and use it to collaborate with other users on the social media. Here’s an article that details how to add a pin from a website.

Steps (Adding a pin with a Pin It button):

  1. Include a Pin it button to your browser. You can install it from this link->
  2. Select an image from the website then press the Pin it button.
  3. Pick the image you want to pin.
  4. Select the board for the pin you selected and include a description.
  5. Press Pin it.

Steps (finding a pin on the website):

  1. Access your profile menu.
  2. Select Pins then click Add a Pin.
  3. Indicate the website's url.
  4. Press Find Images.

Things you need to know:

  1. Aside from adding a pin from the website's URL and using a Pin it button, you may also upload an image directly from your computer. These pins will link back to their source.
  2. The Pin it button allows users to pin images from blogs or websites in an easier way. Installation is very easy and would take only a few seconds. It is also available on Google Play and Apple App Store.


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