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Blocking Vs Deleting A Friend On Facebook

Having second thoughts on whether you should block or delete a friend on Facebook? There's a big difference between the two and you need to know its implications before deciding.

Blocking a friend

When you block a friend on Facebook, that person may no longer view your timeline, invite you to groups or events, tag you on posts, videos and pictures, add you as a friend, or begin a conversation with you. Remember that blocking is reciprocal, so this means you no longer have the ability to do the same things to that person. Follow these easy steps on how to block a friend on the social network.


  1. Click the lock icon at the left side of the gear icon found at the top area of your homepage.
  2. Choose How do I stop someone from bothering me from the dropdown menu.
  3. Input the contact's name or email.
  4. Press block.
  5. You may also block the contact by going to his or her timeline. Click the gear icon, then choose Report/Block from the dropdown menu.

Things you need to know:

  1. Unblocking the person will not restore your friend connection. You still have to send them a friend request.
  2. Blocking someone will not prevent all forms of interaction or communication on Facebook. You may still see them in common apps or group.
  3. Facebook will not send any notification when you block a contact.

Deleting a friend

On the other hand, when you delete a friend, you simply remove them from your friends' list and vice versa. You can restore your connection with this contact by sending a new friend request. You may still be able to view his or her timeline and posts depending on the person's privacy settings. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to delete a friend on Facebook.

  1. Access the person's timeline.
  2. Look for the Friend's box located on top of their timeline. Hover over it.
  3. Click Unfriend.


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