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Uploading A Photo Or Video On Facebook Group

Facebook group allows you to share photos, videos or albums to other members. This feature allows more intimate interaction with Facebook group members. Moreover, it enables exclusivity of information as you only share the photos and videos with just a few people. You can now share an old class photo with former classmates or reunion videos with family members without the bother of other friends seeing it. Follow these simple steps on how to post a photo or video on Facebook group.


  1. Access your group's page. To do this, click your group's name found at the left tab of your newsfeed.
  2. On top of the Share field in your group's page, click Add Photo/Video.
  3. Choose the file you wish to upload. You may also choose to upload multiple photos by selecting Create Photo Album.
  4. Add Description to the photo, video or album. Indicate who you were with and location.
  5. Once you're all set, press Post.

Things you need to know:

  1. Only the members of a group are allowed to add pictures to a group album.
  2. Group photos can only be seen by members of the group.
  3. Only group members can be tagged in the pictures.


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