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Uploading A File On Facebook Group

It's easy to share a file with other users in Facebook. Through a feature in Facebook group, you will be able to post a file available for viewing and downloading of other members in the group. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to upload a file on Facebook group.

  1. Click your Group's name on the left tab of your news feed to go to your Group's page.
  2. On the Share field of your group, click Add file.
  3. Upload the file. Facebook allows you to upload files from your computer or Dropbox.
  4. Click Post.

Things you need to know:

  1. You can view the file you uploaded by clicking the Files tab at the upper portion of the Group's page.
  2. The maximum allowed size is 25MB.
  3. Who can see, upload and download files depend on the privacy setting of the Facebook group. For closed and secret groups, only members will be able to view the file. On the other, the public will be able see files in an open group.
  4. Remember that links to Dropbox files may be shared beyond the group.
  5. Make sure to adhere to Facebook Community Standards before uploading a file. The following contents may be reported or removed: self- harm, violence and threats, hate speech, bullying and harassment, intellectual property, graphic content, nudity and pornography, and phishing and spam. In addition, contents violating security and privacy are also prohibited from the social network.


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