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Creating A Doc On Facebook Group

Facebook group lets you collaborate with other members through Docs. By creating a doc on your Facebook group, other members can see and modify it. Here's a walkthrough on how to create a Facebook group doc.


  1. Click the name of your group located at the left tab of your Facebook newsfeed.
  2. On your group's homepage, click Files found on the top tab.
  3. Press + Create Doc.
  4. Input the title and the content of the doc.
  5. Use the tools at the top of the page to format the content. You can use simple formatting tools like bulleted or numbered lists, bold or italics.
  6. To publish, press Save.

Things you need to know:

  1. Members can view and edit docs. However, only the creator can delete the doc.
  2. Comments can be posted at the bottom of the document.
  3. Recent changes can be viewed at the right sidebar of the Doc editor. You may use the arrow buttons found at the bottom of the Doc's text to go through the recent changes located on the right sidebar.
  4. Simultaneous editing is not supported by Facebok docs. Members need to refresh the page in order to view edits by other members.


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