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Changing The Date Of Your Post On Facebook Page

No one can bring back time, except if you can do quantum physics or if you have a time machine. However, Facebook platform had been doing this magic even before the introduction of Facebook Timeline. You can start changing the date of your post on Facebook page to update your Timeline more accurate than before.

Although this feature might not be useful for everyone who use Facebook, changing the date of your post on Facebook page can be a great feature to provide accurate timeline of activities. For example, you took a photo on a special event of your organization to post it on your Facebook page. However, you posted it a few days after that event. In order to fix this, you can change the date of your post and predate it back to the exact date of the event.

Facebook arranged posts on pages' Timeline in reverse chronological order. Thus, posts that have recent dates are the ones located at the top of the page. Changing the date of your post on Facebook page also assists page administrators and owners in organizing their Timeline.

Step-By-Step Guide To Change The Date Of Your Post

To assist you in changing the date of your Facebook page, here is a systematic guide to teach you on how to activate this feature.

  1. Access Your Page's Timeline

    Access your Page's Timeline by logging in to your Facebook account.

  2. Hover Or Place The Mouse Pointer Over The Content Of Your Post

    Hover or place the mouse pointer over the content of your post to see the "Edit or Remove" icon (icon that looks like a pencil).

  3. Click The "Edit or Remove" Icon

    Click the "Edit or Remove" icon to access a drop-down list of customization options.

  4. Click The "Change Date"

    Click the "Change Date" to open a pop up window.

  5. Set The Year, Month, And Day

    Set the year, month, and day of the post that you want to predate.

  6. Click "Save"

    Click "Save" to apply the changes on your post.

Changing the date of your post on Facebook page can be handy in some situations. Then again, unlike other features offered by Facebook, this feature does not significantly improve your social media campaign for your page. Moreover, there are hundreds of online services, which enable you to schedule your social media posts automatically, thus, helping you reach out to your potential customers in real-time.


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