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How To Remove An App On Facebook Page

Today, Facebook pages have been more interactive than the past few years. The wide use of apps on Facebook fan pages significantly contributed to this worldwide phenomenon. However, in some cases, it is best to know how to remove an app on Facebook page due to the following reasons:

  1. Security Purposes

    Facebook Apps can access your page info and other linked-information without your prior permission or knowledge. Because of this, App Developers became one of the most popular targets of hacking activities.

  2. Unnecessary Subscriptions

    Some Facebook apps become useless as you move on with your social media campaign. Furthermore, removing an app on Facebook Fan Page will help it to look more organized than before.

Threats Of Facebook Apps

Although apps can improve your fan page's interactivity, it poses a lot of threats in terms of your internet security. Developers can gain access not only to private information that the fan page has, but also to personal account details linked to the fan page. Furthermore, the information gathered by the app's developer is beyond the jurisdiction of Facebook Inc. meaning they do not have, cannot have, and will not have the authority to direct these app developers on what to do with the gathered data.

On the other hand, Facebook provided its users the choice to take control over these issues. Fan Page Admin, along with other account owners, can remove an app on Facebook Page that he or she manages. In this way, page owners will have full control over their security. Facebook hopes that this feature will minimize the cases of hacking on their social media platform.

Ways To Remove An App On Facebook Fan Page

  1. Access Admin Panel

    Access Admin Panel by logging in to Facebook.

  2. Open "Edit Page" Dropdown List

    Click the dropdown list named "Edit Page" at the upper portion of the page.

  3. Choose "Edit Settings"

    On the dropdown menus, choose "Edit Settings". The web page will automatically redirect to the Settings page.

  4. Click "Apps"

    At the left side of the Settings page, click "Apps".

  5. Click "Edit Settings" Link Below The App Description

    Choose an app, and then click "Edit Settings" link below the app description. This will open a pop up box. [*Alternatively, to remove an app on Facebook Fan Page, simply click the Remove icon ("X" symbol) at the right side of the app in the Apps edit page.]

  6. Remove App Click the "Remove" link.

Internet securities have always been the issue on social networking platforms like Facebook. Fortunately, Facebook allows its Fan Page owners to remove an app on Facebook Fan Page to minimize the incidents of security breaches and give quality experience for their users. However, although it is not obvious for average Facebook users, hundreds of security lapses that need the attention of Facebook developers.


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