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How To Get Notifications Instantly From A Friend On Facebook

Facebook offers various methods to get notifications from your circle of friends. Most of the Facebook users nowadays want to get in touch with specific people in their friend list. With this, Facebook created a method that will allow their users to get notifications instantly from a friend on Facebook.

Getting quick and real-time notifications improve the relationships between two distant people, thus, building a stronger network. Facebook tries to penetrate this trend by offering real-time communication systems that their users can utilize without a fee.

Facebook, being the one of the major social media platforms on the internet, built this instant friend notification feature without the intention to promote stalking or any disturbing activities alike. Conversely, they offered this friend notification feature to promote communication between close friends or distant people wanting to get in touch with each other as frequent as possible.

Real-Time Notifications From A Facebook Friend

Every social networking site aims to provide real-time communication experience to their users. Chat features and instant notifications became common to social media platforms enhancing the quality of networks built between their users.

Facebook copes up with the current competition by enabling their users to get real-time friend notifications. Here is a brief step-by-step guide to get notifications instantly from a Facebook friend.

  1. Account Log In

    Firstly, you must log in to your account on Facebook in order to set up the notification settings from a Facebook friend.

  2. Go To Your Friend's Facebook Profile

    After logging in successfully, visit the Facebook Profile of your friend that you would like to have instant notifications.

  3. Click Friends Drop-Down Menu

    At the upper side of the page, on the right of the Profile Cover, you can find a drop-down menu with the name "Friends". Click on it to open the list of drop-down options.

  4. Select "Get Notifications"

    Lastly, select "Get Notifications" from the drop-down menu. Now, you will receive the most recent notifications and activities of your dearest Facebook friend!

Although getting notifications instantly from a friend on Facebook becomes a popular feature, some users still do not like the idea of sending out their activity information. Because of this, Facebook also allows the second users to keep their activities hidden from their friends.


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